"Expert proofreading is so needed by authors, even the ones who are traditionally published. I teach writers to do it for themselves but caution that their skills, combined with those of a professional, will save them money and help them to better understand the suggestions of their professional; they are not a substitute for a set of practiced eyes. I list Crystal Clear Proofing on my web site as a choice for them."

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Author of the award-winning, The Frugal Editor

"As proofreader for our publication, Crystal proved to be very thorough, extremely detail/deadline oriented, and was a true asset to our company.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of proofreading, punctuation and copyediting. I would highly recommend her to anyone requiring expert proofreading/editing skills."

Vickie Pulaski
CSI Media, LLC

“Crystal Clear Proofing provides excellent editing services at a reasonable cost. Crystal works closely with author and/or publisher to create the most marketable book possible. Highly recommended!”
L. Diane Wolfe
Author/Professional Speaker

"Crystal is an awesome editor and person. She knows the craft but isn't heavy-handed about it. My book remained my book but without all the annoying little mistakes we all can make. I will be working with her again many times.

"She's a very patient and diligent editor. And she's fun to work with.

Proofreading, Copy Editing, Punctuation, Punctuality

Anna L Walls

I used Crystal Clear Proofreading to edit my first novel and had tremendous results. Not only is Crystal a true professional in her field, but she genuinely cares about helping to create the best, most well-written product, regardless of length or genre. She was quick to respond to any questions I had and even finished ahead of schedule. I will definitley be using Crystal's services for my second and third books. Truly a joy to work with!

Britt Holewinski

"Crystal Clear Proofing has done an excellent job editing my manuscripts. I couldn't ask for a better editor. I will continue to use, and encourage others to use Crystal Clear Proofing as well."

M.L. Lacy
Author of the Chrysalis Series

"Crystal Clear Proofing performed the editing on my book for Dancing Lemur Press LLC. She did a great job tightening and improving my work. I followed her instructions and appreciate the effort she put into my book. I highly recommend Crystal as an editor for both publishers and authors."
Alex J. Cavanaugh

"Crystal is absolutely amazing, and lives up to her motto. I used her through my publisher, Otherworld Publications, for my debut novel, The World Among Us, Prince of Darkness. She is hard-working, reliable, and when she believes in your work, she will tell you. She was very supportive and encouraging, something that every new author needs. If I had to give Crystal a rating, it would be 5 out of 5 diamonds, and I would use her again!"

Beth Ann Masarik

"As a budding writer it has been a wonderful experience to find not only an excellent editor, but a supportive and creative mentor as well. I call her the Grammar Goddess because her grasp of the written word is profound, but not in a stale, text-book way. She offers feedback and suggests ways to make your work better. She poses questions to help clarify passages, so that the story flows better and you don't lose your audience.

"She is very personable and never tells you what you have to change; ultimately, all the changes are still your decision. She gives  excellent guidance and explanations for all her suggestions. I have been very blessed to have her edit many of my stories and will always use her for all my literary works."

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Christine Carter

"As a person who has used the editing services of Crystal Clear Proofing, I heartily recommend the service to any author, new or old. Crystal does it right and I know I join a long list of satisfied customers."
Robert Santee

"We highly recommend Crystal Clear Proofing. Timely and affordable, we look forward to working with her in the future.

Service Category: Writer/Editor
Year first hired: 2010 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Lynn Tincher
Otherworld Publications

"Crystal is professional, dependable, and outstanding in her field. She's great to work with."

English Composition, Grammar, Punctuation

Mason Canyon
Blogger, Book Reviewer

"Crystal Clear Proofing saved me from the heartache of self-doubt. All those little parts of my story that used to keep me up at night, vanished after having it professionally edited by Crystal. She did what my family and friends couldn't’ do for me: see my mistakes and offer “spot-on” suggestions. Not only is Crystal professional, thorough, and accurate, but she’s the nicest person I have ever met in the writing industry. Her talents are invaluable, and I’m so thrilled I’ve found her!"

Lonna Camacho
San Diego, CA

"Crystal at Crystal Clear Proofing did exactly what she promised to do: turned my rough, unpolished gemstone of a manuscript into a clear, easily-read, sparkling diamond.

"Her work was timely, professional, and she made herself easily available to answer any and all questions that I had during the editing process.

"I have no doubt that the positive changes made to my manuscript will lead to a publishing contract and the beginning of a wonderful writing career. Even if you know nothing about the editing process, Crystal Clear Proofing will put you at ease and show you exactly how to make your writing everything you want it to be and more!"

Cambria Hebert

"With the help of Crystal Clear Proofing I was able to submit a cleanly presentable manuscript, which allowed me to obtain an agent for my upcoming novel."

Danny Langone

"Crystal Clear proofed my senior thesis and I passed with flying colors!"

Christine W.
Santa Clarita, CA

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