In today's world of online editing, the terminology used to define the various aspects of preparing a manuscript for publication have evolved, and in many cases, taken on different meanings altogether.

There has always been somewhat of a discrepancy with regard to what a proofreader does as opposed to what a copyeditor addition to just what, exactly, is involved in editing.


To simplify matters and summarize the services provided by Crystal Clear Proofing, what it all comes down to is polishing a manuscript until it's the very best it can be,  without changing the "voice" of the writer.

In doing so, the following issues are looked at and addressed:

In addition to the above:

Excellent writing skills is an essential element of quality editing services.

Polishing a manuscript involves more than proofreading. Possessing the knowledge and the ability to enhance and improve--when necessary--the verbiage used, is fundamental.

Editing Services

What you've written is, at this point, a
"diamond in the rough."

Crystal Clear Proofing
will reveal the gem hidden
beneath that rough exterior!

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Crystal Clear Proofing
is no longer able to provide
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(verification of facts, statistics, sources, etc.) such projects.

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