Crystal Clear Proofing provides
~ Excellence in Editing ~
at an affordable price!

Editing Services

Many variables determine the price of your editing needs.

The initial step is to contact Crystal Clear Proofing with the details of what services you require and the timeframe within which you are working.

Crystal Clear Proofing will analyze your specific needs and provide you with a price quote, along with the amount of time required to have your work completed.

A deposit is required when you submit your work for editing, and the balance is due when your work is completed and ready to be returned to you.

Payment involves only the click of a button. It is the easiest and most secure way to pay online!

Visit the "Contact Us" page to send an email, and let's get started!

Payment for Services

Crystal Clear Proofing accepts several forms of payment, including American Express Serve, and Bluebird.

Please contact us to discuss paymenht options!